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21 November 2008 @ 07:28 pm
Layout #11 S2 Smooth Sailing  
First Posted: August 17th
Layout Style: Smooth Sailing
Best view: 800x600 and higher
Browser(s) Compatible: Tested with FF and IE7
Work with Nav bar?: Yes
Work with Ads? Yes
Credit: writing_light or losing_light somewhere in your journal please
Crossposted: freelayouts and mintyapple
Live preview: Recent entries*Archive*Tags*Custom Comments

Image(s): All the images are hosted on my Photobucket account. If you'd like to host them yourself, here are the direct links.

mini icons from famfamfam.
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Go to Customize Journal
Choose any Smooth Sailing layout
If your journal is ad supported choose your ad placement
choose if you want a left, right or no side column
Hit Customize Selected Theme
Choose Custom CSS
Make sure both drop down boxes say no
Copy the overrides in the box below and paste them into the Custom Stylesheet and hit Save Changes